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Asphalt paver357


  We provide residential and commercial services. From driveways to parking lots. We provide a solution for almost any need and will work with you to get it to your exact needs. We can help  with all your asphalt needs whether it is a larger area for customers to park, a driveway to your home, or repairs on existing asphalt. No matter the situation we are equipped to accommodate your needs. We work closely with our customers to ensure that quality and satisfaction are top priority on all job sites. Our goal is to not only give you quality asphalt paving, but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you that is why the owner is fully involved in every aspect of your project. Let us show you how our asphalt services can save you time and money and even restore your image.  We provide asphalt services for residential and commercial customers.  We grade and pave driveways, parking lots, private runways, playgrounds, and streets.  We create pedestrian-safe paved surfaces. Also offering services such as crack filling, pothole repair, and patching. We'll keep your paved surfaces level and smooth. Just remember designing and installing asphalt is a skilled service, that can't be performed by just anyone, that's why we're here to help!  Take a look at our project page to see jobs we have completed



New Construction:

  •  Our crews will excavate and remove the existing grass, dirt, concrete asphalt, or stone to the desired design depth.

  • We will supply and install a crushed aggregate base course, compacted in lifts to the correct design elevations.

  • The design depths and elevations are determined by the project manager assigned to your job, with knowledge of the average daily traffic flow, type of vehicles using the asphalt surface, and your local soil conditions.

  • The project is then paved to the compacted thickness that is stated in the proposal/contract

Asphalt Repair:

  • We neatly saw-cut the perimeters of the deteriorated asphalt to a pre-specified depth (depending upon the thickness of the original pavement, binder and stone;

  • Excavate the patch area and remove from the site any excavated asphalt and unsuitable sub-grade material;

  • Re-compact the existing stone base to ensure a solid foundation for the repair. New stone is added as necessary;

  • Apply a tack coat to all edges to ensure the proper binding of the old and new asphalt; and, 

  • Layer the new asphalt into the patch and ensure (heavy roller) compaction. Proper compaction removes air pockets, excessive moisture and insures a smooth repair.

Asphalt Overlay: 
An asphalt overlay may be considered if the pavement and sub-grade is in relatively good condition.

  • We begin by cleaning the area and removing all debris;

  • Apply a heavy tack coat to the surface to be overlaid; and,

  • Follow the tack with a layer of asphalt applied to the specified depth and finish by rolling the area for compaction and smoothness.

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