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Riding Arenas

           Have you been dreaming about having your very own riding arena, on your own land that you don't have to call to see if you can ride? Wouldn't it be great just to go outside get on your horse and go jumping, galloping, and riding right there, instead of having to load your best friend up and travel to someone else's arena? Well, give us a shout. No arena is too big or too small. We'll build to suit your needs. Each and every arena we design and build is custom to the owner, rider, and the land it's going on. Not one Arena is going to be built the same so don't let just anyone fool you. We spent countless hours testing the soil, designing a drainage plot, a stable consistent base for the riding footing being used. That way as you're riding throughout the entire area it feels the same from one corner all the way across to the other. No more soft spots that could hurt your friend. The Riding material used is specific to your preference and riding needs from a sand/clay base to a silica or fiber mixed footing. Under our project page, you will find pictures of some of the areas we've built based on budget, preference, and riding needs. Maybe you're not looking to spend that much money on a complete arena. We can help there to sometimes just a good flat area is enough for the kids and or yourself to pleasure ride. We can grade the area out and plant grass back on it so you have a nice flat area. We have the ability to complete jobs from complete site excavation to minor grading. All of our equipment is top of the line and the equipment used to grade is laser-guided to within 1/4 of an inch to ensure we can back what we propose to you. Give us a Call to discuss the several choices you potentially have when it comes to the style, material, and size of your future arena. 


Silica Sand

Fiber mixed footing(Synthetic Ring)

red clay
Silica sand
fiber mixed footing
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